*Pet Sitting has Temporarily been suspended

Being away from your fur baby is always hard but we try to make easier on both of you. Your buddy will feel more comfortable staying in their own home and keeping to their routine. We make sure your pets get plenty of cuddle time and exercise to help make your absence a little easier. You can enjoy yourself knowing that your fur baby is in loving hands. You will get updates as often as you like via text, email, or Facebook. Contact us today to schedule a Meet and Greet!

Options and Pricing

Kitties and specialty pets

1 visit day = $20 (includes a 30 min visit, litter box or cage cleaning, feed and watering, and cuddle time)

2 visit day=$35 (includes two 30 min visits and everything above)


3 visit day= $50 (includes three 30 min visits-walk and feeding in the morning and evening, a walk around lunchtime, and cuddle time in between)

4 visit day= $65 (includes four 30 min visits- everything above and an extra walk in the late afternoon or before bedtime)

Overnight Stay= $75 (includes a sleep over with your pets from 7pm-7am + a 30 min walk/visit in the afternoon)

*prices include up to 3 pets-additional pets extra